This surgical intervention allows to eliminate the excess volume on both cheeks for obtain a thinner, streamlined face and more defined cheekbones. 

Bichectomy —or removal of Bichat fat bags— is the surgical reduction of excess fat from the cheeks, obtaining a more defined face.

Bichat fat bags are fat deposits that are located in the middle and lower region of the cheek and that are associated with being overweight or the patient’s genetics. Its function is to lubricate the masticatory muscles and facial mimicry.

It is performed on patients who have a rounded face, with ‘cheeks’ or the well-known ‘squirrel cheeks’. A decrease in the volume of the face is obtained, achieving a greater definition in the facial contour. With the medical examination, the physical examination and a blood test, it is usually enough to prepare the surgery without the need for preoperative studies in most cases.




Local anesthesia and sometimes with sedation.

Surgery Duration

1 hour approximately.


Not Required


The patient goes home the same day, being able to carry out his normal activity with the exception of making efforts and eating solid food during the first days.

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